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England’s Modern English has always been a forever favorite for us here at Formed in 1979 in the wake of punk’s initial wave, the band were among the first acts signed to the seminal 4AD label, where they quickly issued a string of early, caustic singles before releasing their debut album, 1981’s Mesh & Lace, a powerful, dark, and experimental record that sits nicely alongside peers such as Wire and Bauhaus. The band followed up with After the Snow in 1982, which expanded their sound to include organic strings and more sumptuous, romantic arrangements. With this record, Modern English scored a massive hit with “I Melt With You,” a perfect pop song that encapsulates love during the Cold War era and remains the band’s most well-known track to date. Their third record, 1984’s Ricochet Days, was their last for 4AD and expanded on After the Snow’s lushness, featuring singles “Chapter 12” and “Hands Across the Sea.”

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