“Echoes of the past but very much of today” – **** Record Collector

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Modern magic

Post-punk electronica-tinged favourites return for their first album in eight years, and with the line-up that recorded 1981’s debut Mesh & Lace. It’s an uplifting affair at times, if such can be said of a band that still relish their Joy Division influence, with guitar and keyboards reaching for the sky on tracks such as Not Fake.

There are plenty of New Order-like throbbing basslines, not least on Exploding, with Robbie Grey’s dark, distorted vocals and “danger of death” chorus chant, a five-minute epic. Crazy Lovers, meanwhile, is a classic three-minute electro-pop single.

Somewhere in between is Genius, a laconic, chugging number driven by Gary McDowell’s guitar riff. Echoes of the past but very much of today. Nick Dalton

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