Swans On Glass

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 AD6 (May 1980):

A Side: Swans On Glass

B Side: Incident
Recorded at Spaceward. Co produced by Mike Kemp.

First Modern English release on 4AD.

Also see Gathering Dust EP and Mesh & Lace CD re-issue.

Band Members:

Robbie Grey – vocals, Gary McDowell – guitar and vocals, Mick Conroy – bass and vocals, Richard Brown – drums, Steve Walker – synthesisers


There was no official video but someone has made this using photo’s of the period.

Modern English were a group that had brought demo’s into Beggar’s Banquet in ’79 and were one of the groups that were partly responsible for the label starting. The first demo was brilliant – really, really good. It was one we kept thrusting towards Beggars, saying ‘You should do something with this!’ but they either didn’t have time or weren’t interested. So Modern English went off and recorded a single on their own label in Colchester, and then came back after they’d done a second set of demos which included “Swans On Glass” and “Incident”. By that time, through sales of our first three singles we had a couple of hundred quid available, which we used to put Modern English into a studio to do the “Swans On Glass” single. –  Ivo Watts-Russell

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