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Modern English frontman on the post-punks’ latest offering

What film could your new set soundtrack?
A film of Better Call Saul.

Tell us about the album.
It was produced by Mario McNulty, who started his career working for Philip Glass and David Bowie. We cut it mostly live, with some overdubs.

Is there anything still unissued?
Blur’s Dave Rowntree lived around the corner when we were school kids and played in my parents’ garage, and at his parents’ house with a girl singer. We played Sweet Jane, and there may have been tapes.

Have you done anything that fans may not know about?
In the late 90s, I did bass in New York, including Vision Express TV ads. With whom would you like to trees speak – a joint record.

Where were you when you first heard one of your songs on vinyl?
Drowning Man was on John Peel’s radio show, in my bedroom at the parents, 1979.

What was your favourite record shop when you started out?
Parrot Records, Colchester. Tiny hole-in-the-wall shop. I ended up getting a job there.

What’s the last album that you bought?
Carl & The Passions So Tough LP.

What record are you looking for?
Kraftwerk LP.

Who’d you like to cover one of your songs?
Steve Reich – one of his hypnotic marimba treatments.

Which album, on first-lIsten, Is the most startling that you ever heard?
BC Camplight Deportation Blues.

What’s your favourite songwriter’s best lyric?
David Bowie: “My mother said, to get things done, you’d better not mess with Major Tom.”

Dying peacefully on your deathbed, what’d you like to hear?
David Bowie, Moss Garden.

Modern English 1 2 3 4 is on Mesh & Lace, 23 February.

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