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Germany Tour 2017

Oct 3 - Wiesbaden - Schlachthofe (Kesselhaus)
Oct 4 - Munchen - Strom
Oct 5 - Berlin - SO36

Oct 6 - Hannover - Chez Heinz
Oct 7 - Hamburg - Monkey's Music Club

RetroFutura Tour 2017


Long awaited new album Take Me To The Trees
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After reuniting in 2009 and a successful US tour in 2013, British post-punk/pop craftsmen Modern English, are proud to announce that they will be returning to The States in May/June beginning on 5/11 in Seattle and ending 6/7 in Boston. Titled the “Mesh & Lace Tour", named after their 1981 debut album, this is the first time that the band, (original founding members, vocalist Robbie Grey; bassist Mick Conroy; guitarist Gary McDowell; and keyboardist Stephen Walker, along with drummer Roy Martin, who originally toured with the band in 1986), will be performing the album in its entirety.  The tour also celebrates the soon to be released reissue of Mesh & Lace on CD and Opaque Green Vinyl and 200 Gram vinyl, and the CD and vinyl re-release of After the Snow, both on Drastic Plastic Records.  This is the first time the vinyl for Mesh & Lace has been available in the US.  You can also purchase these on the Official ME Merch Store!

According to bassist Conroy, “It took us 2 weeks to make Mesh & Lace.  We didn't really know what we were doing, but knew what we wanted it to sound like.  Noisy and pounding, and atmospheric at the same time.  I guess these days it’s called 'post punk'.  When we play these songs live today, I am reminded of the energy and chaos that we put down on tape back in early 1981.”

Since the band’s last tour, they’ve been working on their eagerly awaited eighth record, their first since 2010’s “Soundtrack”.  The Pledge Music-supported album will feature artwork by iconic 4AD sleeve designer Vaughn Oliver, and is produced by Martyn Young, a founding member of 4AD's band Colourbox.

Known for their sonic and multi-layered music, LCD frontman James Murphy told Derrick Rossignol of “Music Mic” in his article "13 Albums That the Most Successful Musicians Listen To" that the closing track from Mesh & Lace, "Dance of Devotion" is  "possibly one of the best and most underrated screaming British punk/new wave songs."  He said of the album, "That record is a sneaky secret that everyone writes off, because they just think it's going to be a 'Melt With You,' but it sounds way scarier than any Joy Division record."

On the band’s 2013 US tour, David Klein from Raleigh’s “Independent Weekly” wrote, “Their non-‘I Melt With You’ songs deliver a solid, dark new wave kick, more likely to give you a chill than to induce melting” and Aidan Levy from the “Village Voice” proclaimed, “…Modern English's diverse body of work shows an evolving aesthetic that transcends Thatcher-era malaise. Their electrifying live shows testify to frontman Robbie Grey's lasting charisma….”

In the words of Grey, “Mesh & Lace is Modern English growing branches, like a tree, experimenting with sound and atmosphere.  We were young and daring.  It’s my favorite album because it’s all us.  The ideas are all ours.”- Press Release, Howlin' Wuelf Media

Listen to "Black Houses" from "Mesh & Lace"